vase editQ & A on our coaching engagement

What I do: I coach accomplished leaders and executives, whose goals are to enhance their strength as leaders and to create more successful, satisfying ways of working and balancing their work with their personal lives.

What qualifies me for coaching: I am an experienced leader myself and have coached mid-to-late career professionals for over two decades.  Moreover, I earned the Ph.D. degree in a related field and have completed a rigorous certification program on the theory and practice of successful coaching.  Hence, I bring a practical knowledge of workplace dynamics and an intimate familiarity of nuanced complexities to the process of supporting you, the leader, as you seek to effect changes.

What qualifies you to benefit from coaching: You arrive with a pressing issue that you believe needs your attention and action not just eventually, but now.  And you are ready to commit to actually doing that work.

What you do & what I do — our working alliance: You identify (and, through our work together, refine) what you want to achieve through our coaching engagement.  You bring the content and I offer the process customized to support your deepening self-awareness, so as to enable you to choose to live and work in a way to feels better to you.

Trust and Confidentiality: I commit to you the strictest confidentially of our sessions as an essential part of our building the trustworthy, safe space needed for our work together, the point of which is to help you succeed.

What distinguishes coaching: Coaching, unlike therapy, focuses on the goals you want to achieve. Coaching, unlike consulting, does not offer advice about what to do; instead, it supports your drawing on your own resources to develop a sound, sustainable plan and the practices needed to succeed.

What else you should know about me: As a former executive, I am deeply empathic with leaders and professionals who face the challenges of the workplace and want, at the same time, to live a fulfilling life.  I am honored to do this work in your support and take very seriously my own program of continuing professional education.