donna kerr

photo by Brian Barry

I coach successful leaders and executives for whom something isn’t going well, such as:
-   not enough time or energy to do everything
-   dwindling resources
-   difficult colleagues or workplace culture
-   feeling that the years are slipping away without meaning
On the outside, they may well appear to have it all together, but what they experience inside is another story.

What my coaching provides:
Myself a seasoned leader and professional, I focus on supporting my clients’ building self-awareness, self-care practices under duress, and social awareness to strengthen relationship management. I work in the service of my clients’ achieving their own goals. I do not give advice; I do not provide therapy. Instead, my client brings the content and I provide a customized process to support my client’s learning to work and live in fulfilling, sustainable ways. A typical coaching engagement can be completed in six two-hour sessions.

What is the value of receiving coaching?
While I coach because I like to help clients develop their capacity for living and working in a way that is meaningful and satisfying, those who have experienced qualified coaching report an exceptionally strong positive impact in their work, including a handsome return on their investment.